The blog is back…

So, yeah, it’s been a while (2 years to be precise…). And I’d love to give an excuse for why this blog hasn’t appeared since 2014 – server problems, computer problems, freakish internet outages in Urmston every time I wanted to post…

But I can’t. There’s not been a new post for 2 years because I didn’t write one.

But now there is a new post – this one! And, hopefully, there will continue to be new posts: my own reflections on what’s going on at Greenfield Church and the wider community of Urmston. I hope there will be something to interest you, perhaps make you think or pray.

If there is, then please leave a comment below. And please tell someone else who might be interested in this blog about it too.

And don’t forget our church’s website: And you can also find us on Twitter (@GfieldChurch) and Facebook (search for “Greenfield Baptist and Congregational Church”).

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