Walk of witness

The Good Friday Walk of Witness today was a great event.  I don’t know how many turned up, but I think there could’ve been around about 100 (perhaps more – I’m no good at estimating numbers!).  The atmosphere was great as was the opportunity to witness in public something of what this weekend is really all about – so much more than chocolate eggs and hot cross buns (nice as those are!).  We finished up at church and, from what I heard, people really appreciated the refreshments, including the hot cross buns, at the end.  So thank you to all those who helped get all that ready!

Now we’re turning our attention to Easter Sunday itself when we celebrate the great truth of Jesus’ resurrection.  Please join us for the Communion at 9:30, which Ralph will be leading.  It’ll be followed by breakfast, with bread baked by Joy which is a good enough reason in itself to turn up!  Finally, we’ll have a family celebration service at 10:45 with all sorts of things going on, including a new way of singing one of the songs – you’ll have to wait and see.

While Easter is a great day, however, we can’t forget Good Friday entirely.  As someone said at the end of the walk today, Good Friday is as much the victory as Easter Sunday.  Why?  Because on the cross, Jesus defeated the powers of sin to cut us from God.  It seemed they’d won, but the truth was very different – it was Christ who was victorious.  And that victory was completed and confirmed by His resurrection on Easter Sunday.

So have a happy, Christ-filled Easter!

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