The Parables of Jesus week 2: 3 Kingdom Parables


By UWAKOYA ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This Sunday is the 2nd week of our series looking at the parables of Jesus. We’re looking at three of the parables about the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus told in Matthew’s Gospel; you can find them here. And here are some questions to help you think, reflect and pray about them:

  1. What does the phrase “the kingdom of heaven” mean to you?
  2. Why do you think Jesus compares it to “treasure” or “a pearl of fine value”?
  3. The third parable sounds a different note to the others: it suggests judgement as well as reward. Why do you think Jesus might have switched tone to talk about this?
  4. What’s your response to the parables? Hope? Encouragement? Worry? Discouragement? You might want to talk to God about these responses, whatever they are.
  5. Is there anything worth selling everything for? What is it? Why is it so valuable?

If these provoke any thoughts you think worth sharing then please leave them in the comments below. And, as ever, please join us on Sunday morning at 10:45am when we’ll be thinking together about these parables!

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