The Parables of Jesus: Lost Sheep and Lost Coin

It’s week 3 of our summer series on the parables of Jesus this week. And this week we’re thinking together about two stories Jesus told with something in comon: the parable of the lost sheep and the parable of the lost coin.

You can read the parables here, and here are some questions that might help you think, reflect and pray about them:

  1. Have you ever got lost? And/or, have you ever lost something and worried that it was lost forever? What was the “found” feeling like?
  2. Why do you think the Pharisees objected to Jesus welcoming the “tax collectors and sinners” and eating with them?
  3. Jesus says there’s rejoicing over sinners who “repent”. What do you think repenting means? Why is it so important to Jesus?
  4. In both these stories, the “finders” are desperate to find the one sheep or coin that they’ve lost, even though they have plenty of others left. What does it say about God that he devotes so much energy to finding even just one lost person?
  5. As Christians, we often think of ourselves as having been “found”. But are there still ways that we’re sometimes lost and need to be found?

Please share any of your answers to these questions, or any other thoughts or reflections about these parables in the comments below. And join us at 10:45 on Sunday morning as we worship, explore these parables and share Communion together!

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