Thursday Thoughts (on Friday!): August “Baptist Voice”

Baptist Voice

In a nod to post-modernism and a protest against literal, linear readings of the calendar, “Thursday Thoughts” is appearing on a Friday this week!

One of several hats I wear is chaplain of Baptist Voice. What is Baptist Voice? It’s a talking newspaper for blind and partially sighted people, bringing them all the latest news from the Baptist Union, BMS World Mission, the wider Baptist scene and beyond. It goes out 10 times a year and is recorded at Greenfield Church! My role in proceedings is to provide a short “Thought For The Day”-style section at the end of each month’s edition, bringing some reflections and prayers that I hope will be intersting, sometimes thought-provoking and (I hope) always prayer-provoking.

The editor of Baptist Voice has very kindly agreed to allow me to put my little section on this blog as well, so each month you, my loyal reader, will be able to hear what I have to say. Can I also strongly recommend you head over to the Baptist Voice website where you can listen online to this month’s and previous months’ editions. You’ll also find contact details if you want to get in touch with them at all. And you can find them on Facebook as well!

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