This Sunday (10 January)

Hello and a Happy New Year to you!

For those that can make it through the ice and snow this Sunday (and I completely understand if you can’t), I hope you’ll feel rewarded with what I hope will be a special service.  It is our Covenant Service, where we renew our promises to serve God and each other in the context of our life together at Greenfield Church.  As well as making those promises, we’ll be thinking a bit about what it means to do so, what it asks of us and the character of the God to whom we belong.  If you want to know the passages we’ll be thinking about, they are:

Isaiah 43:1-7

Acts 8:14-17

Luke 3:15-22

Please don’t forget that the following Sunday 17th) is our next church meeting.  Please make every effort to come to that if you can, as it will mark the start of what I hope will be a very significant period of thinking, praying, reflecting and praying over the next few months leading up to our AGM in May.  I’ll tell you more this Sunday – another incentive for you to brave the Arctic conditions and come (but, please, don’t take any unnecessary risks to do so.)

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