A musical dilemna

Due to the time other people need to have the order of service (in order to prepare Powerpoint etc.) I normally choose the songs and hymns for our service on a Thursday.  However, it’s not very often that the sermon is written by this point.

(I should say here that I like the songs and hymns, especially the ones immediately around the sermon) to have some kind of thematic connection to the sermon.  Not that they have to exactly tally with the sermon’s theme, but that there should be some connection there.)

Normally this isn’t a problem as I know roughly the direction the sermon will be heading in.  Sometimes I have to guess, as it’s still not clear by this point what the overall theme of the sermon will be.

This week, I thought by the time it came to song-choosing time that I knew where the sermon was headed, what the main theme was about.  So I chose the song that immediately followed the sermon to fit closely with that theme (“Meekness and Majesty”) and duly e-mailed off the order of service.

The trouble is… the sermon is now about something quite different!  So that song doesn’t fit in particularly well – but it’s too late to change it.  So the options are:

  1. I come up with some extraordinarily convoluted way of linking sermon and song
  2. We just sing it and never mind any mental gymnastics to make it “fit”.

Option 2 sounds the best to me…

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