Sermon 22 January 2012

I thought (to give me a reason to blog regularly) I’d upload my sermon notes from each Sunday on to this blog, so that if anyone wants to read them for whatever reason (if you can’t sleep or something!) then they’re here. Sometimes they’ll be the full text of the sermon, sometimes just a set of notes which I’ll try and make legible for you.  Please feel free to download and read them and then add any comments you want on the blog.

So if you click on the link below, you’ll get a Word document with the sermon I preached yesterday on John 2:1-11, the story of Jesus turning water into wine.  Please especially tell me if the link doesn’t work – this is all a bit new to me!

Water into Wine sermon

Update: The best way to do this (quite probably the only way) is to right click on the link and then select “Save link as…” or the equivalent in your browser.  This will then let you save this wherever you choose and read it to your heart’s content!

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