The blog is back…

So, yeah, it’s been a while (2 years to be precise…). And I’d love to give an excuse for why this blog hasn’t appeared since 2014 – server problems, computer problems, freakish internet outages in Urmston every time I wanted to post… Continue reading →

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Beyond 400

Beyond 400 is a new site that started properly yesterday.  It’s a place for all the discussions about the future of Baptists in Great Britain (and especially BUGB), a conversation that has become especially significant following BUGB’s realisation that it may have a significant deficit in its finances.

There’s only one post on there at the moment (along with comments, such as those by some minister called Stephen…), but it’s already looking like some very thought-provoking ideas will be appearing there as time goes on.  So, if anyone’s reading this blog and is interested in our wider Baptist life, then it’s definitely worth keeping tabs on the developing conversation(s) there.

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