Baptist Voice

“Baptist Voice” is the talking newspaper from the Baptist Men’s Movement. It contains a wide range of news from the Baptist Union, BMS World Mission, the Baptist Colleges and the wider Christian “scene”.

The reason I’m mentioning it here is that one of the members of our church, Ralph Birtwistle, has taken over production duties from Geoff Pratt and Gilbert Payne, who stepped down at the end of last year. Ralph’s managed to persuade a whole range of people to contribute to the new Baptist Voice (including some minister called Stephen…) to give it a fresh, new sound while hoping it stays true to the work Geoff, Gilbert and those who came before them, did to make it such an important and worthwhile part of the Baptist scene.

If you want to hear this month’s edition, then click here. And if you want any more information about Baptist Voice, then contact Ralph via our church email address, info@greenfieldchurch.co.uk.

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Baptist Assembly 2012

(Blatant plug alert!)

Over on my other blog, there’s a post with my (rather lengthy!) reflections on this year’s Baptist Assembly.  As they were personal opinions, it seemed best to put them there.  On here, this week (hopefully!) I’ll post some more thoughts about what went on that I hope will be of relevance to our church.  So stay tuned!

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Beyond 400

Beyond 400 is a new site that started properly yesterday.  It’s a place for all the discussions about the future of Baptists in Great Britain (and especially BUGB), a conversation that has become especially significant following BUGB’s realisation that it may have a significant deficit in its finances.

There’s only one post on there at the moment (along with comments, such as those by some minister called Stephen…), but it’s already looking like some very thought-provoking ideas will be appearing there as time goes on.  So, if anyone’s reading this blog and is interested in our wider Baptist life, then it’s definitely worth keeping tabs on the developing conversation(s) there.

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