Education Sunday

On 5 February, Churches Together in England marks Education Sunday, a “national day of prayer and celebration for everyone involved in the world of education”.  As part of this, our service at Greenfield that Sunday will be somewhat different.

We’ve written to six local schools inviting their teaching staff to come to our service.  This will then be a chance to show our support as a church for these people who do such an incredible, difficult and pressurised job.  Over the last year or so we’ve had good contacts with the children from the local infant school which has been an immense pleasure and privilege.  But we want to show that we care about the teachers as well as the children.  Hence this service.

So please come along to the service, at the usual time on Sunday 5 February.  Please pray for the service, that teachers will want to come, that it will be a valuable way of showing our support as a church and God’s love for them, and that I won’t get tongue-tied talking to a church full (hopefully!) of teachers.  And, if you can, try and bring a memory of your favourite teach – what made him or her so special, how did they inspire you?

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This Sunday

Just a reminder about what’s happening this Sunday.  At 6pm, we’ve our joint service with the other churches from Churches Together in Urmston.  This is happening outside, in the car park – so pray for sunshine!!  It’ll be followed by a family barbecue.  It should be a great sertvice; Ralph has been working really hard on it and has managed to get the Salvation Army band to come and play for us (I think the offer of food helped!), so it’s definitely something to look forward to.

See you there!

Because of this, we’re not having our normal 10:45 service.  So if you turn up to church then, you’ll be the only one.  Instead, Ralph is leading a Communion service at 9:30, so try and be there for that.

I’ve was going round the houses around church yesterday giving out invitations to people in the area to come.  And what surprised me was that most, if not all, people were very pleased to be given an invitation to come.  I hope as many as possible of them do come.  But even if they don’t, it’s just refreshing that people weren’t openly hostile towards the idea of being invited to a church service.  I think we can get a bit paranoid about how people see us and I was definitely nervous before going out yesterday.  But I think if we give the impression that we’re not out to judge or condemn people, but that we actually quite like them and want to show them something incredibly positive – the love of God shown through Christ – then we’ve perhaps a little less to fear than we might think.

I don’t think this means everything will be plain sailing and people will always respond positively to what we say – Jesus certainly didn’t promise us that.  But it’s good that people are open to this and willing to give us a chance.

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