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Thursday Thoughts: Greenfield Church’s 40th Anniversary

Thursday Thoughts is a new weekly series where, each Thursday, I’ll share something that’s going on in my head that I hope will be helpful for you. Hope you enjoy – please share your thoughts in the comments!

We’re nearing the end of a hugely hectic spring and summer of celebrations of our 40th anniversary; 40 years since Urmston Baptist & Congregational Churches became Greenfield Church! Continue reading →

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Baptist Voice

“Baptist Voice” is the talking newspaper from the Baptist Men’s Movement. It contains a wide range of news from the Baptist Union, BMS World Mission, the Baptist Colleges and the wider Christian “scene”.

The reason I’m mentioning it here is that one of the members of our church, Ralph Birtwistle, has taken over production duties from Geoff Pratt and Gilbert Payne, who stepped down at the end of last year. Ralph’s managed to persuade a whole range of people to contribute to the new Baptist Voice (including some minister called Stephen…) to give it a fresh, new sound while hoping it stays true to the work Geoff, Gilbert and those who came before them, did to make it such an important and worthwhile part of the Baptist scene.

If you want to hear this month’s edition, then click here. And if you want any more information about Baptist Voice, then contact Ralph via our church email address, info@greenfieldchurch.co.uk.

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Online Advent resources

OK, this is about 5 days too late.  But, there’s tons of stuff that’s being blogged and generally published online during Advent.  Here’s four that might be of interest to people (anyone?) reading this blog:

  • 25thingsforadvent is a blog written by various Baptist writers.  There’ll be an entry each day with “25 things to do to mark the season of advent”.
  • The Congregational Federation are having an “Advent Adventure“.  There’s a whole series of ideas here, from an Advent Twitter feed, to ideas posted on the social site pintrest to a weekly reflection.
  • Catriona Gorton (who spent time with us as a student minister (I think!) at Greenfield) is blogging a reflection every day throughout Advent.
  • Finally, Richard Kidd, newly-retired co-principal of Northern Baptist Learning Community and former minister of Greenfield Church is also blogging a daily reflection at his blog.

Click on the links in that lot and hopefully there’ll be something to help guide you through the rest of Advent and prepare you for the wonder of Christmas.

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Blatant cross-blog plug!!!

Over on my personal blog, I’m blogging through Mark’s gospel throughout Lent.  This is following the series of readings that forms the basis for Tom Wright’s “Lent for Everyone” series.  We’ll also be making available the full list of readings on Sunday, so you can use it for your own Lent reflections if you want.

Go have a look!

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Updating the blog…


You may have noticed that I haven’t posted here for a little while (save for that post the other day about Beyond 400 – go and see it if you haven’t already).  Anyway, I’m trying to get back into this and, as part of that, I’m updating the blog to try and make it look a bit fresher and nicer.  You know how it is when you haven’t seen something for a while; you see all the things that need changing.  So please bear with me and I’ll hopefully have it looking really quite super soon!

(Oh and don’t worry about the random images at the top – I’ll change those for something more meaningful…)

(Oh, oh and don’t forget to visit my personal blog for non-Greenfield related stuff.)

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Beyond 400

Beyond 400 is a new site that started properly yesterday.  It’s a place for all the discussions about the future of Baptists in Great Britain (and especially BUGB), a conversation that has become especially significant following BUGB’s realisation that it may have a significant deficit in its finances.

There’s only one post on there at the moment (along with comments, such as those by some minister called Stephen…), but it’s already looking like some very thought-provoking ideas will be appearing there as time goes on.  So, if anyone’s reading this blog and is interested in our wider Baptist life, then it’s definitely worth keeping tabs on the developing conversation(s) there.

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A welcoming church?

Ship of Fools: What makes a church feel welcoming to you?.

Again, this isn’t directly related to us at Greenfield, but is important and interesting.  It’s from a web forum I look at and asks other forum members what makes them welcome when they visit another church.  Food for thought – are we a welcoming church?  I’d say “yes!”, but it’s always good to see what other people think makes for a good welcome and whether we provide it.

Edited to add: People on this site don’t always pull their punches (although it is a Christian site) – so don’t be alarmed if there’s a full and frank airing of views!

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